In early 2016, BCCA decided to partner with the England Illegal Money LendingIllegal Money Lending Team at BCCA Conference Team (IMLT).

This offers our members the opportunity to be undertake training on how to spot someone who may be the victim of a loan shark, and how to signpost them to the support and help available.  We believe we can help in the fight against illegal money lending.

This followed on from our annual conference in November 2015, where delegates heard an excellent presentation from Cath Wohlers from the IMLT.

Cath explained the important work that the IMLT do to help individuals who have fallen foul of illegal money lenders, and to bring these individuals to justice.  It was a presentation that prompted BCCA members to ask what they could do to help.

The team can be contacted on 0300 555 2222, or by emailing

More details can also be found at:

For more about the IMLT click here.