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We are a leading trade association for firms who engage in the provision of alternative financial services. Our members serve consumers that the banks are unwilling or unable to. This includes lending such as short term loans, guarantor loans and credit brokerage. We also represent third party cheque cashers, who often provide a range of money services such as money transfer and foreign currency.

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BCCA is a trusted source of information, offering regulatory advice and guidance, advocacy on behalf of our members and conciliation services. We have years of industry experience that helps us provide great counsel to our membership. Our sector specific training and annual conference are just a few ways we support the sector.

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Whether you are starting out; fairly new to the industry or have been trading for some time, if you provide alternative financial services then the BCCA is the right trade association for you. Contact us if you want to discuss your membership.  Lets talk about your business and how we might help you.

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