Over the last twenty years the BCCA has transformed into a trade association for firms engaging in the provision of alternative consumer financial services. Our members are proud to serve consumers that the banks are unwilling or unable to reach. We know that there are millions of individuals that are un-banked or under-banked.

Members will provide lending services and this includes lending such as short term loans, guarantor loans and credit brokerage. Many members continue to be third party cheque cashers, often providing a range of money services such as money transfer and foreign currency.

Firms within our membership will range from small family businesses to large corporates running hundreds of outlets across the United Kingdom. They operate either on the high street or online.

The association was originally founded by firms offering cheque cashing facilities, but we have expanded as our members have developed their business models. As we have adapted, so has our name.  We were originally the British Cheque Cashers Association, then British Cheque and Credit and we are now known as the BCCA.